Whatever your heart needs – do that.

Danica Michelle graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Criminology from Florida State University in 2011 when she decided to enlist in the military.

In 2012, she kicked off a career in communications in the U.S. Navy as a mass communication specialist. While deployed, she pursued a Master’s of Science in Criminology and graduated in 2016.

During her five-year contract in the military, Danica wore several different hats including:

+ Lead editor and designer of an award-winning newspaper
+ Social media and website manager
+ Lead broadcaster and host for a Pentagon Channel series
+ Photographer and journalist published worldwide

Danica is currently the Director of Communications at the Office of Research Affairs of University of California, San Diego. She partnered with fellow Camarilla Complex cofounder, Ghislaine, to offer marketing communications strategies and consulting.  When she isn’t at work elevating the messaging for her $1.1B research institution or creating marketing strategies for upcoming and scaling brands, she’s blogging at DanicaExplainsItAll.com.

She has an enthusiasm for cinematography and story-telling. She prefers Chuck Palahniuk and Tim Burton. She’s seen “Forrest Gump,” 317 times and read “The Great Gatsby,” 513 times. Just kidding … maybe.